Friday, 7 December 2012

the monday morning project // #2 // 12-11-2012 & 19-11-12

Project number 2 took place over 2 weeks. This was in order to get something of a sense of completion.

The day before Part 1 was a flurry of activity involving printing, slicing, gluing and wrapping (thanks Damo for extra pair of hands).

We began Part 1 outside the gates of the Feast Festival on Light Square in the city, but not a single eye could be met who showed interest in taking part. And it was grey and blustery and noisy and busy. Onwards to Victoria Square (again). Here a little picnic took place, friends came and stayed, and workers at a council community program showed their support for the project. But it was not done! 20 or so pieces into the Puzzle, there remained another 40 odd.

So we returned the next week. Part 2. The other side of the square, next to a new enterprise run by some Hungarian folks (coffee and Chimney Cake!). The enthusiasm of St Aloysius College lasses was heartwarming (it made Claire proud to be one of their lot). One particular piece of the Group Effort Puzzle was coloured for about 20 minutes non-stop by a man who had just lost his job, was on his way to his job network for a meeting, had been discouraged from art during his high school years, and wore the coloured markers down with his meticulousness. 

Over the proceeding couple of weeks, friends lent their hands and skills in finishing the project by colouring the remaining pieces. The finished project is a fine thing to behold!

Many hands, light (and bright!) work.

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