Friday, 7 December 2012

the monday morning project // #2 // 12-11-2012 & 19-11-12

Project number 2 took place over 2 weeks. This was in order to get something of a sense of completion.

The day before Part 1 was a flurry of activity involving printing, slicing, gluing and wrapping (thanks Damo for extra pair of hands).

We began Part 1 outside the gates of the Feast Festival on Light Square in the city, but not a single eye could be met who showed interest in taking part. And it was grey and blustery and noisy and busy. Onwards to Victoria Square (again). Here a little picnic took place, friends came and stayed, and workers at a council community program showed their support for the project. But it was not done! 20 or so pieces into the Puzzle, there remained another 40 odd.

So we returned the next week. Part 2. The other side of the square, next to a new enterprise run by some Hungarian folks (coffee and Chimney Cake!). The enthusiasm of St Aloysius College lasses was heartwarming (it made Claire proud to be one of their lot). One particular piece of the Group Effort Puzzle was coloured for about 20 minutes non-stop by a man who had just lost his job, was on his way to his job network for a meeting, had been discouraged from art during his high school years, and wore the coloured markers down with his meticulousness. 

Over the proceeding couple of weeks, friends lent their hands and skills in finishing the project by colouring the remaining pieces. The finished project is a fine thing to behold!

Many hands, light (and bright!) work.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Baked goods in exchange for a weekend moment


The happy (or occasionally a bit unhappy), heart-warming and hilarious weekend moments from the Adelaidean folk:

Cleaned up my daughter's kitchen (again!!). But she was sick with the flu and the maternal instinct overtook any other emotion. A woman's work is never done!

The greatest pleasure a man can have is with his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren... and if I'm lucky- great-great-grandchildren!


On Saturday night had a delicious * meal at the home of my student Fancy and her family. They are from Taiwan.
* Fantastic Hot Pot

Went for a picnic & ate to much brie

Last weekend was lovely!! We went to “McLaren Vale” with a group of 15 friends and we discovered incredible landscapes, good wines, and had a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to come soon!!

Went to Lukcy Lupitas! Best Mexican in town! THE BEST!

My younger daughter (7 years old) had a high fever from Monday night. But it went down on Saturday night, finaly. I was very happy then.

6 galahs visited my garden this morning.

Got my house ready for my best friend form Canada + her new baby who are coming to visit Friday!!

A picnic in the park with my 3 yr. old & other children- sharing a sausage sizzle and other games.

Sunday Night. Adelaide Oval. Adelaide premier of cricket movie- Save Your Legs.

I went to the Japanese Festival at Mawson Lakes!

Got my first conference paper submitted and accepted. Will be presenting it at ACSW in January.

I saw Argo- good drama.

Dog walking and coffee @ Donkey

I tried on my wedding dress for the first time (that I could put it on properly) and I felt beautiful.

4 francais ont supporté 40ºC, on écrit 40 cartes postales, mais ne restent pas 40 jours- domage.
Four French people endured 40ºC, wrote 40 postcards, but don't stay for 40 days- shame.

I went to McLaren Vale to the launch of a new Piazza area in the main street. The sculpture was a water feature designed by a friend of mine.

It was a wonderful weekend to me. I sold out all furnitures and had happy dinner with my lovely English teacher Colleen. BTW my favourite NBA team won the game. Ya!

Starring in my first movie.

With a small inheritance we have rented a beachside unit for one year- with a view of the beach- from our inner-city cottage we can go for a night @ the beach- anytime!! WOW

I decided yesterday to marry on January 26th (to TG). I'll be a citizen the next month.

I have been 4th on my first dressage competition in Australia with Rumky.

Speak almost 2 hours with my boyfriend on Skype, who stays in France and whom I haven't seen for 2 months now...

I had the- (bus comes and she bolts for it) “can'tstopsorrydarling!”

Took my dog to the vet and found out she was a stolen dog so after having Roxy they took her away from me

On Saturday I was given 2 long-stemmed roses- one for being a teacher, one for being an Elected Member for CTTG (City of Tea Tree Gully)

I was very busy. First I went to shoping. I cooking food for family and make cake for bertday my ferends. I help to ferend make cabinet for kitchen.

Looked @ lovely stars on Friday night.

I went Goolwa beach last weekend. It was amazing time because my car fell into the sand but I was happy. That was a first expereince for my life.

Got Windows 8 4 computer

Farmer's Markets are every Saturday 8.00am-12.30pm at Willunga Town Square and Grosvenor Gardens Victor Harbor.

I met a man called Colin at Minda.
He said: “Are you happy?”
I said: “Yes.”
He said: “I'm not, I'm Colin!”
It was gold.

I went to visit Sydney to see my friends. They are all professional musicians. They performed the music session in front of me. I was so amazed and moved, couldn't listen without tears. I'm so proud of them and missed them so much”

I went to the eid celebration went on a ride on a shark tial (tail) and slad (slid) down.

Popped my newly single bod in a warm spa on a cold night with three boys I met on Grindr.

Saw Taco & his amazing jumper

This weekend I spent nice programme in club dancing and sinning (singing). It was there very funny.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

the monday morning project // #1 // 29-10-2012

the monday morning project is all about making the start of the week a bit lighter for Adelaideans. It is also an exchange, and chance for people to give a receive something without too much effort. And the monday morning project is also an opportunity for people to be a little bit creative, if only for a couple of minutes.

Our initial exchange idea was realised through the help of lost of friends. People offering thoughts, recipe books, trays, scissor-ready hands and a cargo bike! After all the preparations the day before such as creating the pinboard, making the signs and some late night muffin baking, we were ready to go.

Early monday morning the 29th of October we rode the cargo bike we borrowed from the Adelaide South West Community Centre towards Whitmore Square where the lovely Marjon was waiting for us. She works at the community centre and was there to support us and even had some warm coffee. Also, the beautiful French Cecile came to be a part of it all. A few people came along including a very cute little boy who was one of the first participants of the monday morning project, he drew a very artistic scibble. Soon we discovered that this location wasn't the best spot to be at because not many people were crossing the square, so we moved on to Victoria Square. Soon after everything was installed, people started to come up to find out what this big red pinboard was about.

There was the chap about to present his Honours thesis work, who chatted for a while to a lady who had on the weekend received thanks for her work as a local council member. The group of four French tourists who after some coaxing from our on-hand translator proffered some words. A man who spoke loudly for all celiacs when he wrote, across 4 cards: MORE GLUTTEN (sic) FREE FOOD. (Point taken, our muffins weren't much good if wheat wasn't your thing.)

Thanks to everyone who baked, wrote, cut, lent, enthused.

See you again soon!

the monday morning project.