Monday, 5 November 2012

Baked goods in exchange for a weekend moment


The happy (or occasionally a bit unhappy), heart-warming and hilarious weekend moments from the Adelaidean folk:

Cleaned up my daughter's kitchen (again!!). But she was sick with the flu and the maternal instinct overtook any other emotion. A woman's work is never done!

The greatest pleasure a man can have is with his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren... and if I'm lucky- great-great-grandchildren!


On Saturday night had a delicious * meal at the home of my student Fancy and her family. They are from Taiwan.
* Fantastic Hot Pot

Went for a picnic & ate to much brie

Last weekend was lovely!! We went to “McLaren Vale” with a group of 15 friends and we discovered incredible landscapes, good wines, and had a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to come soon!!

Went to Lukcy Lupitas! Best Mexican in town! THE BEST!

My younger daughter (7 years old) had a high fever from Monday night. But it went down on Saturday night, finaly. I was very happy then.

6 galahs visited my garden this morning.

Got my house ready for my best friend form Canada + her new baby who are coming to visit Friday!!

A picnic in the park with my 3 yr. old & other children- sharing a sausage sizzle and other games.

Sunday Night. Adelaide Oval. Adelaide premier of cricket movie- Save Your Legs.

I went to the Japanese Festival at Mawson Lakes!

Got my first conference paper submitted and accepted. Will be presenting it at ACSW in January.

I saw Argo- good drama.

Dog walking and coffee @ Donkey

I tried on my wedding dress for the first time (that I could put it on properly) and I felt beautiful.

4 francais ont supporté 40ºC, on écrit 40 cartes postales, mais ne restent pas 40 jours- domage.
Four French people endured 40ºC, wrote 40 postcards, but don't stay for 40 days- shame.

I went to McLaren Vale to the launch of a new Piazza area in the main street. The sculpture was a water feature designed by a friend of mine.

It was a wonderful weekend to me. I sold out all furnitures and had happy dinner with my lovely English teacher Colleen. BTW my favourite NBA team won the game. Ya!

Starring in my first movie.

With a small inheritance we have rented a beachside unit for one year- with a view of the beach- from our inner-city cottage we can go for a night @ the beach- anytime!! WOW

I decided yesterday to marry on January 26th (to TG). I'll be a citizen the next month.

I have been 4th on my first dressage competition in Australia with Rumky.

Speak almost 2 hours with my boyfriend on Skype, who stays in France and whom I haven't seen for 2 months now...

I had the- (bus comes and she bolts for it) “can'tstopsorrydarling!”

Took my dog to the vet and found out she was a stolen dog so after having Roxy they took her away from me

On Saturday I was given 2 long-stemmed roses- one for being a teacher, one for being an Elected Member for CTTG (City of Tea Tree Gully)

I was very busy. First I went to shoping. I cooking food for family and make cake for bertday my ferends. I help to ferend make cabinet for kitchen.

Looked @ lovely stars on Friday night.

I went Goolwa beach last weekend. It was amazing time because my car fell into the sand but I was happy. That was a first expereince for my life.

Got Windows 8 4 computer

Farmer's Markets are every Saturday 8.00am-12.30pm at Willunga Town Square and Grosvenor Gardens Victor Harbor.

I met a man called Colin at Minda.
He said: “Are you happy?”
I said: “Yes.”
He said: “I'm not, I'm Colin!”
It was gold.

I went to visit Sydney to see my friends. They are all professional musicians. They performed the music session in front of me. I was so amazed and moved, couldn't listen without tears. I'm so proud of them and missed them so much”

I went to the eid celebration went on a ride on a shark tial (tail) and slad (slid) down.

Popped my newly single bod in a warm spa on a cold night with three boys I met on Grindr.

Saw Taco & his amazing jumper

This weekend I spent nice programme in club dancing and sinning (singing). It was there very funny.

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